Saturday, October 20, 2012

thesilentist: Gay Talese’s underground writing bunker — The New Yorker has a short video feature on journalist Gay Talese’s home office, which is located beneath his townhome in what used to be a wine cellar. Talese now decorates it with collages of his stories and keeps a wide assortment of files and notes from each piece and story he’s worked on — going back decades. What amused me greatly was to see how Talese takes his notes. As a former journalism student, I’m always fascinated how journalists take notes as there’s no one “right” way to do it. Talese’s method works for him and I think it’s pretty cool. Other great videos featuring Gay Talese: Put This On, S1E7 - “Personal Style” Big Think interview with Gay Talese Jake Davis Test Shots: Gay Talese visit to Gay Talese’s home Gilt MANual: Tour of Gay Talese’s hat closet An Evening with Gay Talese G.Q. Style Sages: Gay Talese Vine Talk: Gay Talese on wine culture

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